Enable Java Management Extensions (JMX) service to gain access to internal data such as database size, customer count, customer rules count, and other information. You can use any JMX client to access the vCloud Usage Meter JMX service.


  • Verify that you have a Java Management Extensions (JMX) client installed. JConsole is an example of a JMX client.
  • Verify that you have a password to log in to the vCloud Usage Meter console as root.


  1. Log in to the virtual machine console as root.
  2. Navigate to /usr/share/tomcat/conf.
  3. Create a JMX password file by running the following command:
    echo "monitorRole password" > jmxremote.password
    You can change the monitorRole user password for jconsole in the jmxremote.password file. For the provided monitorRole user, replace password in jmxremote.password with your desired password.
  4. Run jmxcontrol.sh enable, with a root privilege.
  5. To check JMX status, type jmxcontrol.sh status.