You can install vCloud Usage Meter 4.2 as an in-place upgrade on top of vCloud Usage Meter 4.1.x.


  • Back up or take a snapshot of the source vCloud Usage Meter appliance that you want to upgrade.
  • You must enable SSH on the source vCloud Usage Meter 4.1.x appliance.
  • You must have a password to log in to the vCloud Usage Meter console as root.


  1. Locally on you computer, download the ums-system-upgrade.shar file.
  2. Copy the upgrade ums-system-upgrade.shar file to a folder in the vCloud Usage Meter 4.1.x console.
    You can use a SCP software like WinSCP on Windows.
  3. Log in to the vCloud Usage Meter 4.1.x console as root.
  4. To install the shar file, run the command.
    bash ums-system-upgrade.shar

    After the upgrade completes, the system generates a cloudusagemetering-old folder for the vCloud Usage Meter 4.1.x installation backup. A newly created cloudusagemetering folder points to the upgraded vCloud Usage Meter installation.

  5. Verify that the vCloud Usage Meter services are up and running.
    1. Enter the /opt/vmware/cloudusagemetering directory.
      cd /opt/vmware/cloudusagemetering
    2. Verify the status of the vCloud Usage Meter services.
      If the services are running, you receive a Running status back.
      If the verification fails with an Offline error message, restore the vCloud Usage Meter appliance from the latest backup or snapshot, and repeat steps 1 through 5.
  6. Stop SSH by running the command:
    service sshd stop

What to do next

Important: After the in-place upgrade, in the vCloud Usage Meter Web interface, you must manually accept the certificates for all metered product servers.