After you download the product consumption data for a vCloud Usage Meter instance in an offline mode, you run a script to unpack the file and review its data.

After downloading the file with the product consumption data and before uploading it to vCloud Usage Insight, you can review the report data.


  • On the machine from which you run the script, you must install Python 3.x.
  • On the vCloud Usage Meter 4.4 Download Page, navigate to Drivers & Tools, and download the script.


  1. Enter the directory in which you saved the script.
  2. Run the Python script. ~full-system-path-to-data-file -d full-system-path-to-unpack-folder

    After running the command, vCloud Usage Meter creates a new directory with a similar name to the data file. The directory contains a hierarchy of subdirectories based on a product type and date. Inside the subdirectories are individual zip files that contain the product consumption data in JSON format.


Successfully unpacked usage data to -path-to-the-unpack-folder-unpacked