You can add a customer rule by linking a customer label to specific objects in your vCenter Server and VMware Cloud Director inventory. When you construct a customer rule, the object type varies, depending on the product.

Object Type Definitions

Object types aid you in metering and reporting specific customer activity.

Object Type in Inventory Definition
vCenter Server A vCenter Server as identified by a unique ID, holds all object types.
vCenter Server Cluster Server group in the virtual environment.
Data center A required structure in vCenter Server under which hosts and their associated virtual machines are added.
Host Physical computer on which virtualization or other software is installed.
Resource Pool Divisions of computing resources used to manage allocations between virtual machines in your inventory.
Folder Grouped objects of the same type. For example, you can apply a common set of permissions to the folder and these permissions apply to all objects grouped in the folder.
VMware Cloud Director A VMware Cloud Director as identified by a unique ID, holds all object types.
VMware Cloud Director Organization A unit of administration for a collection of users, groups, and computing resources.