The proper operation of vCloud Usage Meter depends on certain services and ports.

vCloud Usage Meter Services

Service Name Startup Type Description
Nginx Automatic Provides vCloud Usage Meter Web interface functionality.
GW Automatic Authentication gateway service.
Core Automatic A service for storing core information about the metered instances.

The service is used for an internal communication only.

DSS Automatic A service for storing, archiving, and uploading of product consumption data to the VMware cloud.
VcCol Automatic A service for collecting of a product consumption data from the vCenter Server instance and the vCenter add-on components, like Site Recovery Manager and vSAN.
nsxvCol Automatic NSX Data Center for vSphere Collector service
nsxtCol Automatic NSX-T Data Center Collector service
vropsCol Automatic vRealize Operations Manager Collector service
daasCol Automatic Horizon DaaS Collector service
vrniCol Automatic vRealize Network Insight Collector service
vcavCol Automatic VMware Cloud Director Availability Collector service
vcdCol Automatic VMware Cloud Director Collector service
vraCol Automatic vRealize Automation Collector service.
gnatsd Automatic A message bus between all services.

The service is used for an internal communication only.

vCloud Usage Meter Ports

For information about vCloud Usage Meter network ports and protocols, see VMware Ports and Protocols.