You install vCloud Usage Meter 4.5 as an in-place upgrade on top of vCloud Usage Meter 4.x.


Prerequisite Description
Proxy If you are upgrading in an isolated network behind a proxy, you must configure the proxy server on the OS level.
  1. Log in to the Photon OS virtual machine as root.
  2. Open the /etc/sysconfig/proxy file for editing by using a text editor such as vi.
    vi /etc/sysconfig/proxy
  3. Update the /etc/sysconfig/proxy with the following.
  4. Save the /etc/sysconfig/proxy file.
Source vCloud Usage Meter appliance
  • Back up or take a snapshot of the source vCloud Usage Meter appliance that you want to upgrade.
  • As root, enable and start SSH on the source vCloud Usage Meter appliance by running the commands.
    systemctl enable sshd
    systemctl start sshd
Authentication You must have a password to log in to the vCloud Usage Meter console as root.


  1. Locally on your computer, download the upgrade files.
    File Name Description
    Usage_Meter_Agent-<BUILD_NUMBER>_Upgrade.iso The ISO upgrade file containing the upgrade script and the YUM repository.
    Usage_Meter_Agent-<BUILD_NUMBER> Contains the sha1checksum of the upgrade ISO file.
    Usage_Meter_Agent-<BUILD_NUMBER>_Upgrade.crt Contains the public certificate that signs the ISO file.
    Usage_Meter_Agent-<BUILD_NUMBER>_Upgrade.sign Contains the signature for the ISO file.
  2. (Optional) Verify that the checksum of the download matches the checksum posted on the download page.
    sha1sum -c Usage_Meter_Agent-<BUILD_NUMBER>
  3. (Optional) Verify the certificate.
    openssl x509 -in Usage_Meter_Agent-<BUILD_NUMBER>_Upgrade.crt -text
    openssl verify Usage_Meter_Agent-<UM_NEW_BUILD>_Upgrade.crt
  4. (Optional) Obtain the certificate public key and verify the signature of the ISO file.
    openssl x509 -pubkey -in Usage_Meter_Agent-<BUILD_NUMBER>_Upgrade.crt \
      > Usage_Meter_Agent-<BUILD_NUMBER>_Upgrade.key
    openssl dgst -sha1 -verify Usage_Meter_Agent-<BUILD_NUMBER>_Upgrade.key \
      -signature Usage_Meter_Agent-<BUILD_NUMBER>_Upgrade.sign \
  5. Connect the CD-ROM drive of vCloud Usage Meter to the Usage_Meter_Agent-<BUILD>_Upgrade.iso file.
    For information, see Add or Modify a Virtual Machine CD or DVD Drive in the vSphere Virtual Machine Administration documentation.
  6. Log in to the source vCloud Usage Meter console as root.
  7. Create an upgrade directory.
    mkdir /root/upgrade
  8. Mount the CD drive.
    mount -o loop /dev/cdrom /root/upgrade
  9. To start the in-place upgrade, run the command.
    bash /root/upgrade/

    You are prompted to confirm if a snapshot of the source vCloud Usage Meter appliance that you want to upgrade exists.

    Has a snapshot of the vCloud Usage Meter appliance VM been created on the vCenter Server environment that it's running on? (y/n):

  10. To complete the in-place upgrade, you must reboot the appliance.

    After rebooting the appliance, the system generates a newly created cloudusagemetering folder pointing to the upgraded vCloud Usage Meter installation.

  11. Verify that the vCloud Usage Meter services are up and running.
    1. Enter the /opt/vmware/cloudusagemetering directory.
      cd /opt/vmware/cloudusagemetering
    2. Verify the status of the vCloud Usage Meter services.
      bash scripts/
      If the services are running, you receive a Running status back.
      Important: You can access the in-place upgrade log files at /opt/vmware/var/log/um-upgrade.log. If the verification fails with an Offline error message, restore the vCloud Usage Meter appliance from the latest backup or snapshot, and repeat the steps.
  12. Stop SSH by running the commands.
    systemctl stop sshd
    systemctl disable sshd

What to do next

  • Verify the certificates for all metered product servers are FIPS compliant.
  • If you are upgrading from vCloud Usage Meter 4.1.x, in the vCloud Usage Meter Web interface, you must manually accept the certificates for all metered product servers.
Note: To ensure the automatic aggregation and reporting of the monthly product consumption data, after a successful upgrade, do not revert to the snapshot of the source vCloud Usage Meter appliance.