vCloud Usage Meter is a virtual appliance that meters and collects data for products that are part of the Partner Connect Program.

How do I access vCloud Usage Meter after deployment

After you deploy vCloud Usage Meter, there are several methods for accessing settings and data.

Table 1. Access Methods
Access Method Description
Virtual machine console Provides access to configuration settings.
Web interface Provides menus, tabs, and pages to manage products, settings, and notifications.

What kind of data does vCloud Usage Meter collect

vCloud Usage Meter collects product consumption data from vCenter Server instances and other products.
  • Collected data from the vCenter Server instances includes DNS name, physical memory (RAM), and license type.
  • Collected data from the virtual machine includes the metered product name, hostname, allocated and billing virtual memory (vRAM), CPU, and instance universal unique identifier (UUID).
  • Collected data from products includes billing vRAM, and other metrics specific to the metered product.

How does vCloud Usage Meter report monthly product consumption data

vCloud Usage Meter works in conjunction with vCloud Usage Insight, which is a service that aggregates the data collected from vCloud Usage Meter instances, and automatically pre-fills it into the Commerce Portal. To automatically report and pre-fill your aggregated monthly product consumption data from vCloud Usage Meter into the Commerce Portal, you must register your vCloud Usage Meter instances with Commerce Portal.

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