To meter the product consumption data of VMware Horizon, you must add the VMware Horizon instance to vCloud Usage Meter.

If a Horizon Connection Server exists behind a load balancer, you must add the Connection Server to vCloud Usage Meter. vCloud Usage Meter cannot meter the load balancer product consumption data.

If multiple Connection servers are deployed in a load balanced cluster, you must add only one of the Connection Servers to vCloud Usage Meter.


  • Verify that the VMware Horizon certificate is FIPS compliant.
  • Verify that you have GLOBAL_CONFIG_VIEW privileges.


  1. In the main menu bar of the vCloud Usage Meter Web interface, click Products.
  2. In the left pane, select Virtual Desktop > Horizon.
  3. On the Horizon page, click Add .
  4. In the Endpoint text box, enter the host name or IP address of your VMware Horizon instance.
  5. In the Username and Password text boxes, enter the credentials for the VMware Horizon instance.
  6. Enter the VMware Horizon domain name.
  7. Click Add.