The Notifications tab in the vCloud Usage Meter Web interface displays an overall system status and event notification alerts about the metered products.

System Status

System Status displays a per-day aggregated information for 7 days going back about the status of the metered products.

System Status displays the following message types.
Message type Description
Green vCloud Usage Meter did not detect any error events about a metered product server.
Red vCloud Usage Meter detected at least one error event for the specified day.
Orange Contains warning event messages.
Grey No event notifications for the specified day.
To view the notifications for a specific day, under System Status, click on the date. All notifications are displayed in the Notifications list.


The Notifications list displays a list with event messages about the metered product servers. You can either view the notifications for all product servers, or for a selected product. You can filter the notifications list by a notification ID, product ID, product type or by notification type.