Some vCloud Usage Meter configuration files contain settings that might affect the security of your environment. Improper settings can also impact the proper functioning of your vCloud Usage Meter environment.

By default, only the root user has permission to edit the vCloud Usage Meter configuration files.
Note: Do not edit the /opt/vmware/cloudusagemetering/conf/nginx.conf file without a proper guidance because the file contains important configurational information about vCloud Usage Meter 4.8.
File Location Description
/opt/vmware/cloudusagemetering/conf/local.conf The default keys for encrypting passwords and anonymizing host names. Contains the environment variables for all vCloud Usage Meter platform services, such as the vmware-um-journal and vmware-um-login services. The file also contains the secrets for accessing the certificate and CA key stores. Contains the environment variables that are specific for the vmware-um-login service. The file also contains information about the secret for accessing the key store that contains the private or the public key tuple used for signing and verifying the oauth tokens. The owner of the configuration file is the login-service user account.
vmware-um-journal.service A system configuration file for the vmware-um-journal service.
vmware-um-login.service A system configuration file for the vmware-um-login service.
/opt/vmware/cloudusagemetering/conf/products/metered-instance-name.conf The default configurations of the metered instance.
/opt/vmware/cloudusagemetering/conf/natswatcher_systemd.conf The default configuration of the NATS server system watcher.
/opt/vmware/cloudusagemetering/conf/logback.xml The default configuration of the logback logging framework.