The pre-migration report lists the source information collected and processed during pre-migration. Information categories include errors, warnings, and successes.

The pre-migration task generates and populates the pre-migration report. The migration tool provides a link to the report when pre-migration is finished. View the report to determine your readiness to migrate.

The pre-migration report, PreMigration.html, is generated in the reports subdirectory of the directory in which you downloaded and extracted the migration tool.

Each time you run pre-migration, the migration tool renames the PreMigration.html report by appending the date and time at which the report was generated, for example as PreMigration2014_August_20-17_53_47.html. It then generates a new report named PreMigration.html.

The pre-migration report includes the following information.

  • Fabric and business group names

  • Blueprint names

  • Entitlements

  • Agents, DEMs, and endpoints associated with agents

  • Deployment customizations such as custom operations, workflows, and events

  • Pending approval requests, reclamation requests, and workflows

  • Approvals that you can manually recreate in the target system

    You can use information in the pre-migration report to recreate approval policies in the target system before or after migration.

  • User principal names that can migrate successfully

  • Warnings indicating user principal names that cannot be migrated

  • Warnings indicating that the fully qualified domain name for the server is different between the source and target systems

Pre-Migration Log Files

The migration tool generates the following log files in the Program Files (x86)\VMware\vCACMigration\Logs folder.

  • Migration.log

    The Migration.log file contains information gathered during pre-migration and migration, including generated warnings and errors.

  • Migration-Error.log

    The Migration-Error.log file contains error messages that are generated during pre-migration and migration.

  • vCACMigration.log

    The vCACMigration.log file contains information about the migration tool itself.

  • vCACMigration-Error.log

    The vCACMigration-Error.log file contains errors that are related to the migration tool itself.