Migration fails with an MSBUILD error because the migration task does not recognize the port value that was specified during pre-migration.


If you specify a port value as part of the database server address during pre-migration, the migration task fails with the following, or similar, error when it attempts to validate the database connection.


In this example, the default 1433 port number was used.

2014-11-12 22:05:46.757Z [2596] Information Info MSBUILD : error MSB1006: Property is not valid.

2014-11-12 22:05:46.772Z [2596] Information Info Switch: 1433

2014-11-12 22:05:46.772Z [2596] Information Info

2014-11-12 22:05:46.772Z [2596] Information Info For switch syntax, type "MSBuild /help"

2014-11-12 22:05:46.788Z [2596] Information Info

2014-11-12 22:05:46.788Z [1832] Information Info Migration has failed. See the log files for detailed information.


The migration table DynamicOps.Migration.Properties, key SourceDatabaseAddress value FQDN,port cannot properly parse the specified port number.


To use a script to update the database by correctly parsing the table entry, and allow the migration task to correctly access the source database, see Update Migration Table to Parse Port Value Data.

After making the database update, you can re-run the migration task and proceed with migration.