Custom properties migrate from the vCloud Automation Center 5.2 system.

Most custom properties convert to UPN format during migration. However, the following custom properties do not convert to UPN format because doing so would potentially break the blueprints in which they are used.

  • Image.ISO.UserName

  • Image.Network.User

  • Opsware.Server.Username

  • Plugin.AdMachineCleanup.UserName

  • SCCM.Server.UserName

  • Sysprep.Identification.DomainAdmin

  • Users.%.AddUser

After migration is finished, update custom properties that include WinPE or Linux ISOs to include any new ISO information, such as location or name. See Recreating ISOs and Templates That Contain a Guest Agent.

For information about these and other custom properties, see Custom Properties Reference in the vRealize Automation documentation.