The migration tool is available for download from the vRealize Appliance and consists of the pre-migration and migration task options.

About this task

The migration tool version number in the Details section of the vCACMigrationTool.exe self-extracting executable file is the self-extractor version number. The migration tool version number is in the Details section of vCACMigration.exe file, which is bundled in the vCACMigrationTool.exe file.


  1. Log in as a domain administrator on an IaaS system on which the target vRealize Automation system's Model Manager Web Service is installed.
  2. Click the IaaS Install tab in the vRealize Appliance.
  3. Click the Migration Tool link in the IaaS Installation section of the IaaS Components Installation download page.
  4. At the prompt, specify the location at which to download the vCACMigrationTool.exe self-extracting executable file.

    The default download location is the Downloads folder.

What to do next

Extract and run the migration tool executable file to start the pre-migration task. See Run the Pre-Migration Task.