Machine information is migrated. Associated reservation, compute resource, and endpoint information is also migrated.

Migrated machines are published to the target vRealize Automation system catalog as resources. Published resources are displayed on the Items tab. Although these published resources are not associated with a service, they are connected by catalog items that are associated with the Infrastructure service. Actions to which the business group members are entitled are maintained as available catalog item actions.

Catalog resources are also created for each multi-machine service and its component machines and each vApp machine and its vApp component machines.

Multi-machine blueprint vCloud Networking and Security configurations are not migrated.

The following machine characteristics are migrated for each resource.

  • Owner

  • Cost

  • Machine type

  • Lease

  • Description notes

After migration is finished, the vRealize Automation catalog displays the following published resource types in the default Infrastructure catalog service.

  • InfrastructureVirtual

  • InfrastructurePhysical

  • InfrastructureCloud

  • InfrastructureMultiMachine

  • InfrastructurevApp