You can migrate users, roles, groups, and other user-related data.

If you make changes to users, groups, or permissions while pre-migration is running, those changes might not be processed. Rerun pre-migration to include those changes.

Any users and groups that you create in the target vRealize Automation system before you start migration are removed during migration.


Users that you create after pre-migration are not migrated and user changes that you make after starting pre-migration might not be captured. Resources associated to those users might not work as expected. If you created or modified users after pre-migration, rerun the pre-migration task to capture that user data. Resources that are associated with users who could not be migrated are assigned to the default tenant administrator that you specify during pre-migration.

Local machine users are not migrated. Built-in user accounts, such as BUILTIN\Administrator or BUILTIN\Everyone, are also not migrated. However, for resources that belong to a built-in administrator account and for which a machine has been provisioned, that machine is migrated and assigned to the tenant administrator.