After you finish running pre-migration, you must perform certain manual operations before you start the migration.

About this task

After you finish the pre-migration task and are satisfied with the results in the pre-migration report, use this checklist to perform the required manual operations before you run the migration task.

For information about the pre-migration task, see Run the Pre-Migration Task.

For information about the migration task, see Run the Migration Task.


You can also perform these operations before you rerun the pre-migration task, with the exception of the final task in which you replace the target system database with the source system database. After you replace the target vRealize Automation database with the source vCloud Automation Center 5.2 database you cannot rerun pre-migration.

The suggested practice is to run the pre-migration task once, review the report, make any necessary corrections, and rerun pre-migration. When you are satisfied with the pre-migration report results, perform the specified manual tasks to quiet the system and run pre-migration a final time. After you run the final pre-migration, replace the target database with the source 5.2 database and run migration. While this practice is more time consuming, it provides a higher confidence level in the migration readiness of the source system.

Table 1. Manual Operations To Perform Before Starting the Migration Task

Step sequence

Operation to Perform

Description of Operation


Run data collection on each endpoint and compute resource.

Allow data collection to run to completion to ensure that all your data is collected for migration.

Running data collection on large endpoints can be time consuming. Consider running data collection on large endpoints only if you have not run data collection in the last 24 hours.


Complete approval requests.

Allow all approval requests to finish.


Stop services on the target system.

See Stop IaaS Services in Target vRealize Automation System.


Shut down and back up the target system.

See Back Up the Target vRealize Automation System.


Create a backup of the source SQL database if you have not already done so.

See Backing Up the vCloud Automation Center 5.2 Database.


Disable access to the source system.

See Disabling Access to the Source System.


Complete all workflows.

Allow all workflows to finish.

The pre-migration report displays a warning for each workflow that finished more than 24 hours ago. Before you run the migration task, be sure that your completed workflows are current. If they are not, finish any open workflows and rerun pre-migration.

For information about viewing distributed execution status and workflow history, see Viewing Distributed Execution Status and Workflow History in the vCloud Automation Center Operating Guide for 5.2.


Stop services on the source system.

See Stop IaaS Services in Source vCloud Automation Center 5.2 System.


Replace the target system database with the source database.

See Replacing the Target vRealize Automation Database with the Source vCloud Automation Center 5.2 Database.


If you specified a non-standard port value during pre-migration, you must manually update the migration table to include that port value before you start the migration task. If you specified port number 443 during pre-migration, you do not need to perform this manual step.

See Update Migration Table to Parse Port Value Data.