Standard users and groups are migrated, provided that the target system exists in the same domain as the source system or the target domain has identical trusts as the source system.

Other users and roles are captured in the reports and are not migrated.

Local machine users are not migrated. Built-in user accounts, such as BUILTIN\Administrator or BUILTIN\Everyone, are also not migrated. However, for resources that belong to a built-in administrator account and for which a machine has been provisioned, that machine is migrated and assigned to the tenant administrator.

For user names that the migration process cannot translate, the migration process performs the following actions:

  • Replaces the user name with the UPN of the default tenant

  • Reports the occurrence in the pre-migration and migration reports

Although the group names are not changed during migration, some classification terms have changed.

Table 1. Group Name Terms Before and After Migration

vCloud Automation Center 5.2 Group Name

vRealize Automation Group Name

Enterprise group

Fabric group

Provisioning group

Business group