You must stop the source IaaS services, except the Model Manager Web Service, before you perform the migration. This includes stopping IaaS DEMs and agents.

About this task

Stop the applicable vCloud Automation Center 5.2 IaaS services before you start the migration task. For information about the required order of operations to be performed before you start migration, see Performing Manual Operations After Pre-Migration.

The Model Manager Web Service must remain online during pre-migration and migration.

Consider using an app_offline.html file to disable access to the source system. See Disabling Access to the Source System.


  1. Log in to the host IaaS Windows machine for the vRealize Automation server as a user with full administrative access.
  2. Select Stop > Administrative Tools > Services.
  3. Stop the following VMware services in this order.

    In a distributed environment, stop manager services, DEMs, and agents on all of the running vRealize Automation servers.

    1. VMware vRealize Automation Agents

    2. VMware DEM-Worker

    3. VMware DEM-Orchestrator

    4. VMware vRealize Automation Service (manager service)


Services are stopped on the source vCloud Automation Center 5.2 system, except for the Model Manager Web Service, in preparation for migration.