The migration report contains information about the source and target systems. Information categories include errors, warnings, and successes.

When you start the migration task you are prompted to run the prerequisites checker. The prerequisites checker generates and populates the migration report. The migration tool provides a link to the report. To determine your readiness to migrate, view the report before continuing with the migration.

The Migration.html migration report is generated in the reports subdirectory of the directory to which you extracted the migration tool.

To support data collection, the prerequisite checker checks if the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) service is running and configured for local and remote SQL database instances that use local or clustered MSDTC configurations.

The prerequisite checker outputs the following information in the migration report:

  • System information indicating whether the source and target Model Manager Web Services are online, as is required

  • System information indicating whether the other source and target services are offline, as is required

  • Endpoints for which data was not collected in the last 24 hours

  • DEMs that are still running on the source system

  • Agents that might still be running on the source system

  • Pending source system requests, such as reclamation, approval, and machine requests that aren't yet approved or denied

When the migration task is finished, click the migration report link to reopen the report and examine its contents.

Migration Log Files

The migration tool generates the following log files in the Program Files (x86)\VMware\vCACMigration\Logs folder.

  • Migration.log

    The Migration.log file contains information gathered during pre-migration and migration, including generated warnings and errors.

  • Migration-Error.log

    The Migration-Error.log file contains error messages that are generated during pre-migration and migration.

  • vCACMigration.log

    The vCACMigration.log file contains information about the migration tool itself.

  • vCACMigration-Error.log

    The vCACMigration-Error.log file contains errors that are related to the migration tool itself.