Application Services provides sample services such as Microsoft SQL Server Management Tools 2008 Express, and vFabric RabbitMQ that a catalog administrator can use to create or update an existing application.

Use the predefined sample catalog service only in a test environment.

Table 1. Catalog Services to Use with an Existing Application

Sample Service

Service Description

Supported Operating Systems

Supported Application Components

Associated Service Tag

vFabric RabbitMQ 2.4.1

Installs and configures the service for use.

The vFabric RabbitMQ service INSTALL scripts use the YUM package management tool and APT-GET packaging tool to install dependencies.

When an application blueprint with vFabric RabbitMQ service and the supported operating system is deployed, the vFabric RabbitMQ 2.7.1 service is installed.

When you install the vFabric RabbitMQ service on the Ubuntu operating system, the rpm packages are not created because the vFabri_RabbitMQ_v2.4.1 INSTALL script attempts to set the http proxy port macros in the /usr/lib/rpm/macros folder, which is not available in Ubuntu.

You can configure the INSTALL script to verify the operating system before setting the http proxy port macro in the /usr/lib/rpm/macros folder. Add the following command to the INSTALL script.

if [ $DistroBasedOn == "RedHat"; then
if [ ! $proxy_host == "" ]; then

The Hyperic Agent service can monitor vFabric RabbitMQ only with the management console plug-ins activated. See vFabric RabbitMQ documentation.

  • CentOS 6.4.0 32-bit

  • CentOS 6.4.0 64-bit

  • CentOS 6.3.0 32-bit

  • CentOS 6.3.0 64-bit

  • Ubuntu 12.04.2 32-bit

  • Ubuntu 12.04.2 64-bit



Microsoft SQL Server Management Tools 2008 Express 1.0.0

Installs the Management Studio for the SQL Server 2008 Express.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1 64-bit


  • Windows Services


To deploy predefined sample applications or add predefined tasks to an execution deployment plan, see the Using Application Services documentation.