Multiple updates and rollbacks fail without notification.


When you deploy an application and create update profiles to update a property, after multiple updates and rollbacks the action fails with this error.

Disk space not available to download content.


Disk space is insufficient and it is consumed during content download.


  • Manually delete the backup files.

    If you use the and appd_functions.ps1 scripts for content files backup and restore, a backup is created.

    Virtual Machine Type



    /opt/vmware-appdirector/agent/backups or any user-defined folder


    C:/opt/vmware-appdirector/agent/backups or any user-defined folder

    Application Services does not clean up these backup files automatically. You must manually remove them when the disk is out of space. After you remove the backup files from the backup location, rollback is skipped during rollback of the update and the failure does not occur.