A warning message for manual deletion of virtual machines does not appear after a scale in failure.


A warning message to delete the virtual machines manually does not appear after a scale in deprovisioning fails completely. The scale in operation is marked successful in the first update. However, the deprovisioning is not complete and subsequent updates will fail with this error.

An error occurred when running flow: Cannot find vm <VM name e.g. 'CentOS63_32bit_v1.0_3_'> in the NodeRepresentation list.

The following warning message is added to the Application Services logs:

WARNING: Could not deprovision some virtual machines in scale in operation. Please delete them from the cloud provider side using appropriate tools or APIs. Host Names of machines to be
 deleted is mentioned below: 1. <Host Name of VM e.g. appser-2IQQ48A6>


Application Services cannot recognize if the deletion of virtual machines was successful or not.


  1. Identify the virtual machines to manually delete.
    • The virtual machine names to be deleted are in the warning message that is saved in the Application Services log file.

    • The virtual machine names are also in the error messages available in the subsequent updates.

  2. Delete the virtual machine from the cloud provider backend by using cloud provider tools.
    1. From the CLI, set the value of the following flag to False:

      Setting this flag to False marks the scaled in deployment as failed when one or more virtual machines are not deleted and lists the following error message:

      An error occurred in the cloud: <Error message text>. VM Deprovisioning of the scaled in node failed.
      Initiate another scale in update, clear the update and teardown script content, and deploy the update.

    2. Retry the scale in operation after you change the scripts as listed in the error message and after Application Services retries the deletion of virtual machines.

    After you successfully delete the virtual machine, subsequent updates work.