For CentOS logical templates, guest customization does not successfully finish, which causes a failure in the agent bootstrap script and the overall deployment fails.


	 Agent did not respond while running task agent_bootstrap on the node
	 CentOS_x32_5.6. Please check agent logs.


The guest customization failed because of one of the several reasons.

  • Having more than five NICs on a node in a CentOS virtual machine might cause the problem.

  • The network used for the application deployment does not have connectivity to the Application Services appliance.

  • VMware Tools is not installed in the vCloud Director template.

  • The Application Services agent bootstrap service or JRE is not installed properly.


  • Reduce the number of NICs for an individual node on the CentOS virtual machines.

    See Using Application Services.

  • Check the application deployment network and infrastructure settings.
  • Install VMware Tools in your vCloud Director template.
  • Verify that the agent bootstrap service or JRE is installed properly on the vCloud Director template, vCloud Automation Center blueprint, or Amazon EC2 AMI.