You can retrieve detailed logs for API calls made to the vCloud Director and Amazon EC2 back end from Application Services.


Verify that you have access to the virtual machine where Application Services is installed and have the password for logging in with the darwin_user user account. This password was set during installation. See Using Application Services.


  1. Log in to Application Services.
  2. Open the virtual machine and access the logback.groovy file in the /home/darwin/tcserver/darwin/webapps/darwin/WEB-INF/classes directory.
  3. Locate the comment line <!-- Begin - Cloud Provider Config --> and navigate to the <logger> ... </logger> section.
  4. Change the value attribute for the level tag from OFF to DEBUG.
  5. Restart the Application Services server.
    sudo service vmware-darwin-tcserver restart

What to do next

Access the API call logs from the /home/darwin/tcserver/darwin/logs directory.