You can download and run the Application Services upgrade installation program to upgrade your Application Services installation.

About this task

Root permission is required to download and run the Application Services upgrade installation program.


You must upgrade to vRealize Automation 6.2.x before you upgrade Application Services.

During upgrade, install and uninstall operations stop the Application Services server.


  • Verify that the currently installed version of Application Services is 6.1.x.

  • Verify that there are no operations in progress or running on the Application Services server.

  • Verify that you are logged in on the Application Services server with root permission.

  • Verify that you have upgraded to vRealize Automation 6.2.x.


  1. Navigate to the VMware download site.
  2. Download the upgrade file named ApplicationServices-version-build_Upgrade_Installer.tgz.
  3. Copy ApplicationServices-version-build_Upgrade_Installer.tgz to the machine where vCloud Automation Center Application Services 6.1.x is installed.
  4. Create a new directory in which to untar the ApplicationServices-version-build_Upgrade_Installer.tgz file, for example my_appservices_upgrade.
  5. Untar the ApplicationServices-version-build_Upgrade_Installer.tgz file to the new directory, for example my_appservices_upgrade.
    tar xvfz ApplicationServices-version-build_Upgrade_Installer.tgz
  6. Switch user credentials to root to have the correction permissions to run the upgrade installer.
    su root
  7. Run the upgrade install program from the directory in which the untarred upgrade installer resides.
  8. Respond to any prompts.


Application Services is upgraded to the new release.

What to do next

When upgrade is finished, you must perform the following tasks:

  • Restart the vRealize Automation server to complete the component registry refresh process.

  • Clear the browser cache before using the Application Services Web user interface.