To install Application Services in vCloud Director, you must download the appliance.

About this task

For information about adding vApps, see the vCloud Director documentation.


Verify that you completed the prerequisites listed in Preparing to Install Application Services for vCloud Director.


  1. Download the Application Services appliance and save both files in the same folder without changing their file names.

    The appliance consists of the following files:



  2. Replace VersionNumber with the build number of the appliance.
  3. Log in to vCloud Director and select the organization vDC in which to deploy Application Services.
  4. Select the Catalogs view and click the vApp Templates tab.
  5. Click Upload (Upload button).
  6. In the Upload OVF as a Template window, complete the requested information.
  7. Click OK in any certificate warning pop-up windows to continue uploading the appliance.

    Because of the large file size and depending on network connection speed, expect the upload process to take a significant amount of time.

  8. Right-click the uploaded template and select Add to My Cloud.
  9. Follow the prompts to add a vApp.
  10. Navigate to My Cloud.
  11. Right-click the newly added vApp and click Start.

What to do next

Initialize the Application Services appliance. See Start the Application Services Appliance.