After you register the Application Services appliance and the vRealize Automation server, you can optionally install predefined sample content in to a vRealize Automation tenant.

About this task

The system prompts you for all of the information required to log you in to the CLI before you can import the predefined sample content.


  • Register the Appliance and the vRealize Automation Server.

  • Verify the tenant user account has all Application Services roles assigned. For information on assigning roles to users, see vRealize Automation Tenant Administration.

  • Verify that the tenant user belongs to the business group.


  1. Enter the tenant URL name, and press Enter.

    A system administrator in vRealize Automation specifies the URL name when adding a tenant.

  2. Enter the user name of an account with access to the tenant and press Enter.

    The user account must also have all Application Services roles assigned.

  3. Enter the password of the tenant user and press Enter.
  4. Enter the name of a business group that includes the tenant user and press Enter.

    If the business group name includes spaces, enclose the entire name in double quotes.

  5. If the CLI login fails, the system prompts you to try again. Enter Y or N and press Enter.




    Try to log in again. The system then prompts you for Step 1 through Step 4.


    Do not try to log in again. Do not import the predefined sample content.

  6. If the CLI login succeeds, the system imports the predefined sample content and prompts you to press a key to continue. Press any key.

What to do next

Open the Application Services Web Interface.