When you request a service catalog item you provision the item to the designated cloud environment.

About this task

A typical user in vRealize Automation does not have direct access to the Application Services environment. Therefore, the user can access the vRealize Automation service catalog, which is a self-service portal and request Application Services application deployments.


  • Verify that you can log in to a vRealize Automation IaaS environment as an application publisher and deployer. For information about how to install and configure vRealize Automation and set entitlements on items in the catalog, see the vRealize Automation documentation.

  • Verify that at least one vRealize Automation catalog item has an entitlement and a service assigned to it. See Publish a Single Deployment Profile.

  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as an application publisher and deployer.


  1. Select Administration > Catalog Management > Catalog Items.
  2. Locate a catalog item that has an entitled service assigned to it.
  3. Click the Catalog tab and navigate to the service.
  4. Click Request on the service icon and complete the description.

    For example, you can request an item for development and testing purposes.

  5. Click Next to review the properties of the item.

    If a deployment uses artifact mapping in its blueprint, and that blueprint includes a tracking identifier or content URL as a property value, you can override that value in the service catalog.

    You can edit node properties such as CPU, memory, cluster size and hostname, including custom properties that were defined on the node's machine blueprint.

  6. Click Submit to request the catalog item.


When the deployment is complete, Application Services creates resources in vRealize Automation that appear in the Items tab.

What to do next

Select the vRealize Automation resource to track the progress. You can also use the Application Services deployment summary page to check the status in real time. See Using the Deployment Summary Page.