To install Application Services in vSphere, you must deploy an OVF template.

About this task

You can deploy an OVF template from any local file system accessible from the vSphere Client machine, or from a remote Web server. The local file systems can include local disks, removable media, and shared network drives.


  • Verify that you completed all of the prerequisites listed in Preparing to Install Application Services for vSphere.

  • A Application Services OVF template must be available for deployment. Familiarize yourself with deploying OVF templates in a vSphere Client. See the vSphere documentation.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Client.
  2. Select File > Deploy OVF template.

    The Deploy OVF template wizard opens.

  3. Configure the Cluster, Resource Pool, and Storage settings.
  4. Map the template to a network in a pool of IP addresses.
  5. Select the Power on after deployment check box.
  6. Review the deployment settings and click Finish.


The Application Services virtual machine deploys and powers on.

What to do next

Initialize the Application Services appliance. See Start the Application Services Appliance.