You register the Application Services appliance with the vRealize Automation server. Registration allows you to use the vRealize Automation users, business groups, and tenants in Application Services and to assign Application Services user roles.


  1. Enter the vRealize Automation server URL at the prompt, and press Enter.

    For example, enter a secure URL in the form or

  2. Enter the user name of a vRealize Automation system administrator account, and press Enter.
  3. Enter the password of the vRealize Automation system administrator account, and press Enter.
  4. If registration with the vRealize Automation server fails, you are prompted to either skip registration or try again.
  5. If registration succeeds, the system prompts you to import predefined sample content to Application Services. Enter Y for Yes or N for No and press Enter.




    Yes, import the predefined sample content to a specified tenant and business group. After the import, all business groups in the tenant can share the content.


    No, do not import the predefined sample content.



It takes less than a minute for the boot scripts to install and start other required software processes in the background, before you are prompted to set the admin user account password. During this time, the system might appear to be unresponsive.

What to do next

(Optional) Import Predefined Sample Content.