You can import predefined sample content from an Application Services appliance to a tenant in a registered vRealize Automation instance.

About this task

You use the /home/darwin/tools/ script to import predefined sample content from an Application Services appliance to a vRealize Automation instance. The script is located on the Application Services appliance. To import sample content in to multiple tenants, you must run the script for each tenant.

The log files are /tmp/standalone_import.log and /tmp/standalone_import_all.log.

To use non-English character input for the script, you must set the environment variable LC_CTYPE to en_US.UTF-8.


  • Verify the registration of the Application Services appliance with a vRealize Automation instance.

  • Verify the tenant name and tenant user credentials for the vRealize Automation instance.

  • Verify that the tenant user belongs to the targeted business group for the predefined import, and has all Application Services roles.

  • Log in to the Application Services appliance with SSH.


  1. Set your current directory to /home/darwin/tools.

    You must have write permission.

  2. Run the / script.

    The script prompts you for your input.

  3. Enter the tenant URL name, and press Enter.

    A system administrator in vRealize Automation specifies the URL name when adding a tenant.

  4. Enter the user name of an account with access to the tenant and press Enter.

    The user account must also have all Application Services roles assigned.

  5. Enter the password of the tenant user and press Enter.
  6. Enter the name of a business group that includes the tenant user and press Enter.

    If the business group name includes spaces, enclose the entire name in double quotes.

  7. If the CLI login fails, the system prompts you to try again. Enter Y or N and press Enter.




    Try to log in again. The system then prompts you for Step 3 through Step 6.


    Do not try to log in again. Do not import the predefined sample content.

  8. If the CLI login succeeds, the system imports the predefined sample content.

What to do next

You can create an export package with the darwin CLI export-package command and import a specific application or service from that package to a tenant on another Application Services appliance with the complementary import-package command. For more information about the export-package and import-package commands, see Using Application Services.