You can use supported Linux operating systems to create custom virtual machine templates or Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for your applications. You can also customize existing AMIs or virtual machine templates and use them in Application Services.

Table 1. Virtual Machine Requirements for Custom AMIs



Operating system

CentOS 6.3


JRE 1.7.0 must be installed. The preferred and supported JRE can be installed from one of these packages, which are available in the Application Services virtual appliance:

JRE for Linux

  • http://Application_Director_IP/agent/jre-7u45-linux-amd64.rpm

  • http://Application_Director_IP/agent/jre-7u45-linux-i586.rpm

To install JRE on an RPM-based AMI, see Create Amazon EC2 Virtual Machine Templates or AMIs.

Linux agent bootstrap service

Download the Linux agent bootstrap package vmware-appdirector-agent-service-ec2 from the VMware product download site Install the Linux agent bootstrap script from one of the following packages:

  • http://Application_Director_IP/agent/vmware-appdirector-agent-service-ec2_6.0.0.0-0_x86_64.rpm

  • http://Application_Director_IP/agent/vmware-appdirector-agent-service-ec2_6.0.0.0-0_i386.rpm

To install the agent bootstrap service on an RPM-based AMI, see Create Amazon EC2 Virtual Machine Templates or AMIs.

These files are downloaded if you use the script.

Supported Linux scripting

Application Services supports scripting with Bash.

Linux commands

The following Linux commands must be available on the virtual machine:

  • wget

  • md5sum

  • grep

  • sed

  • setsid

  • awk

  • ifconfig

Optional services

If you plan to remotely access the virtual machine using Linux ssh logging for troubleshooting or for other reasons, the OpenSSH server and client for Linux must be installed and running properly.


Because the boot process must not be interrupted, configure the virtual machine so that nothing causes the virtual machine's boot process to pause before reaching the final operating system login prompt. For example, verify that no processes or scripts prompt for user interaction when the virtual machine starts. This requirement applies only to virtual machine templates created for the Application Services library.