You can select one or more deployment profiles and determine the order of their deployment.



  1. Select an application from the Application drop-down menu.

    The application must contain a deployment profile to include in the composite deployment profile.

  2. Select an application version from the Application Version drop-down menu.
  3. Select the deployment profile from the Deployment Profile drop-down menu.

    The menu displays only deployment profiles in the same business group as the composite deployment profile.

  4. Click Add.

    The deployment profile appears in the selection table.

  5. Repeat Step 1 through Step 4 to add another deployment profile.

    If you add the same deployment profile multiple times, the system appends an underscore and an incremented sequence number to the alias of each duplicate.

  6. (Optional) Change the deployment order of a deployment profile.

    By default, the deployment profiles deploy in top-down order. You can change the order by changing the order numbers. Reordering a deployment profile does not alter its physical position.

    1. Click the order number of the deployment profile to change.
    2. Type over the number, or click the up or down arrow.
  7. (Optional) Click the View Details link of a deployment profile to display information such as its application and deployment environment.

    You must close the View Details pane to proceed.

  8. Click Visualize to display the deployment profiles in graphical form.

    The View Details link also appears on the graphical representation of a deployment profile.

  9. Click Next.


The Bind Properties page appears.

What to do next

You have selected and ordered your deployment profiles. Now you can bind properties connected with those deployment profiles.