With the prepopulated, extensible library of standard logical templates, sample services, task scripts, operating systems, external services, policies, and tags, application architects can quickly create a blueprint of a multitier enterprise application. A cloud administrator can enable predefined policy definitions on deployment environments for a deployer to apply to the multitier application during deployment.


Application Services includes many predefined logical templates, services, and external services. An application catalog administrator can use or modify these predefined templates and services to avoid having to create them themselves. A best practice is to create a copy of the service to preserve the original for future reference.

The predefined services, tasks, operating systems, and tags in the library are available to all user groups in Application Services. You must add logical templates for each group outside the Default group.

You can use the Application Services library to create custom tasks, which are customized scripts that you can add to the execution plan in a deployment profile.

Familiarize yourself with the key concepts relating to managing the library. See Key Concepts.