The APT Repository Config predefined task is a script used to update the APT repositories to install or update software on Ubuntu or other DEB-based operating systems.

About this task

You can configure the APT Repository Config properties to add a new repository or remove all of the existing repositories. If you need more than one repository, you can create multiple tasks and link them in the execution plan by adding one task next to the other.

Use the predefined sample task only in a test environment.


  • Log in to Application Services as an application publisher and deployer.

  • Verify that the predefined task is added to the execution deployment plan before you add any services or application components that require APT for installing or updating software packages.

  • Verify that Application Services is configured to use a proxy. See Configure Application Services to Use a Proxy for External URLs.


  1. On the Application Services title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Applications.
  2. Click the name of the application.

    A list of application versions appears.

  3. Select an application version.
  4. Create a deployment profile.
  5. In the Deployment Profile wizard, follow the prompts to Execution Plan.
  6. If the node is clustered, click Expand Cluster (Expand cluster button).

    If the clustered node is not expanded, the predefined task is added only to the first virtual machine in the cluster.

  7. Click Add Script Task (Add a script task) and drag a predefined task in the blueprint.

    When you drag a predefined task, you see anchors (Task anchor) that indicate where you can drop the predefined task.

    After you drag and drop a predefined task to a node, the Add Custom Task dialog box appears.

  8. Select the predefined task from the Library Task Name drop-down menu.

    The supported operating systems, predefined task details, script, and property details appear.

  9. On the Properties tab, configure the properties.
    1. Select the repository_name property, type a new unique value identifying the repository in the Edit Property dialog box, and click Save.
    2. Select the source_str property, type distribution component1 component2 ... in the URL value text box of the Edit Property dialog box, and click Save.

      A sample Ubuntu URL is deb lucid main.

    3. Select the remove_all_repos property and define an appropriate value in the Edit Property dialog box.

      Set the value to true to remove all other repositories before you add the new configuration. You can also accept the default false value to add a new repository.

  10. Click Save.
  11. Click OK.

    The APT Repository Config predefined task is added to the execution plan.

  12. Review the deployment profile settings and deploy the application.

What to do next

Determine whether to add a customized task to the Application Services library. See Add a Custom Task to the Library.