jPetStore 1.0.0 is a single-tier sample Web store application that deploys the jPetStore App WAR file on vFabric tc Server using SQLFire as a database that you can deploy to your test environment.

About this task

To deploy the blueprint for the jPetStore application, you must download the VMware vFabric SQLFire 1.0.0 installer (vFabric_SQLFire_10_Installer.jar) file and point to that file using the SQLFire service property SQLFire10_Installer.

Use the predefined sample application only in a test environment.



  1. Download the vFabric SQLFire 1.0.0 installer package (vFabric_SQLFire_10_Installer.jar) from the VMware Downloads page ( to your own httpd server or the httpd server on the Application Services server.

    If you use the httpd server on the Application Services server, download the vFabric_SQLFire_10_Installer.jar file to the /opt/vmware/darwin/htdocs/artifacts/services/sqlfire folder.

    You must enter your customer account credentials to download the installer package.

  2. On the Application Services title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Applications.
  3. Click the jPetStore application to open jPetStore version 1.0.0.
  4. Click the View Blueprint image to open the jPetStore v1.0.0 - Blueprint page.
    1. Click SQLFire in the jPetStore blueprint image.
    2. Click the Properties tab in the row that contains the Details, Properties, and Actions tabs.
    3. Click the Edit (Edit) icon in the row that contains the SQLFire10_Installer property name.
    4. Specify a blueprint value on the Edit Properties for SQLFire page by using one of the following options.
      • Click Use library value to accept the default library value of http://${darwin.content.server.ip}/artifacts/services/sqlfire/vFabric_SQLFire-1.0.jar. The library value points to the httpd server at the Application Services server.


        To use this library value, the vFabric_SQLFire_10_Installer.jar that you downloaded from the VMware Downloads page must be located at /opt/vmware/darwin/htdocs/artifacts/services/sqlfire and be named vFabric_SQLFire-1.0.jar.

      • Click in the Type your own value text box and enter the filepath to the vFabric_SQLFire_10_Installer.jar file at a different httpd location.

    5. Click Save to close the Edit Properties for SQLFire page.
  5. Click Deploy to deploy the blueprint.
  6. Create a deployment profile.
  7. Deploy the application.
  8. To access the deployed application, open a supported Web browser and enter http://jPetStore_VM_IP:8080/jpetstore-1.0.0 in the address bar.