You can configure the script or redefine existing properties for a custom task version. To preserve the original custom task version you can create a copy and modify the copied version.

About this task


If a custom task is used in a deployment profile to customize an application deployment, the custom task cannot be deleted.



  1. On the Application Services title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Library > Tasks.
  2. Copy a custom task from an existing custom task version.
    1. Open the custom task version and click Copy in the toolbar.

      All of the properties, script, and operating systems are retained. You cannot change the name of the existing custom task version.

    2. Change the version number, update the description, and if needed update the operating system.

      The version number and description differentiates the new custom task from the parent version.

    3. Click Save.
  3. To change existing properties or an existing script, click Edit in the toolbar, make your changes, and click Save.