By using Advanced Service Designer, you can create and publish a resource action to migrate an IaaS-provisioned virtual machine with vMotion.

About this task

In this scenario, you create a resource action to migrate a vSphere virtual machine with vMotion. In addition, you edit the workflow presentation by using the form designer and change the way the consumers see the action when they request it.


Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a service architect.


You created and published a vRealize Orchestrator workflow as a resource action. You can navigate to Administration > Catalog Management > Actions and see the Migrate virtual machine with vMotion resource action in the list of actions. You can assign an icon to the resource action. See Assign an Icon to a Resource Action.

You also edited the presentation of the workflow and defined the look and feel of the action.

What to do next

Business group managers and tenant administrators can include the Migrate a virtual machine with vMotion resource action in an entitlement. For more information about how to create and publish IaaS blueprints for virtual platforms, see IaaS Configuration for Virtual Platforms.