When you create an approval policy, first define the approval policy information, such as policy type, name, description, and status.


  1. Select Administration > Approval Policies.
  2. Click Add (Add a new resource action).
  3. Select a policy type from the Policy Type drop-down menu.



    Service Catalog - Catalog Item Request - Advanced Service Blueprint

    Applies the policy to a catalog item that you created by publishing an advanced service blueprint.

    Service Catalog - Resource Action Request - your_custom_resource_action

    Applies the policy to a resource action that a service architect created by using Advanced Service Designer. The resource action can be any custom resource action, including resource actions for managing IaaS-provisioned vSphere virtual machines.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Enter a name and, optionally, a description.
  6. Select the state of the policy from the Status drop-down menu.




    Saves the approval policy in an editable state.


    Saves the approval policy in a read-only state that you can use in an entitlement.


    Saves the approval policy in a read-only state that you cannot use in an entitlement until you activate the policy.

What to do next

Create the pre- and post-approval levels.