By using vRealize Orchestrator, Application Services, Advanced Service Designer, and IaaS, you can create an advanced service offering to refresh external database backups in a golden database node, mask the data, and clone the database nodes without increasing storage costs.

Data Refresh is a database-oriented feature that uses components to provide a complete feature in vRealize Automation. Data Refresh helps you refresh the external database backup. The components include vRealize Orchestrator, Application Services, IaaS, Advanced Service Designer and Service Catalog. Data Refresh duplicates the copies of databases from one environment to another. For example, a developer or a test engineer can refresh the database from production to development or testing.

Data Refresh helps you refresh the external database backups in a golden database node, mask the data in the golden database, and clone any number of database nodes from the golden database node without increasing storage costs. A golden database is a database instance that contains preset data obtained through import and mask operations. The golden database is in a template node. You can duplicate multiple copies of a golden database and clone from the template node.

The Data Refresh process consists of the following phases.

  • Provisioning a golden database node

  • Requesting a golden database clone

You must prepare an environment before users can provision and request to clone a database.

  • Complete the vRealize Automation environment preparation. For more information, see Preparing a Data Refresh Environment Checklist.

  • The database administrator (DBA) configures Application Services, including application and deployment profile.

  • DBA configures the data refresh service catalog through Advanced Service Designer and vRealize Automation.

  • DBA requests the golden database node with the prepared mask data SQL script.

  • Trigger cloning by DBA or by the vRealize Automation user.

The DBA uses data refresh repeatedly. vRealize Automation allows DBAs to define their own data refresh workflow to generate a golden database and clone the golden database.

Oracle Database 12c R1 and SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition for single node are supported in vRealize Automation 6.1. DBAs follow the sample to create the Data Refresh vRealize Orchestrator workflow and are not limited to Oracle 12c and SQL Server 2012. You can change either the database type or refresh backup source type through the customized Data Refresh vRealize Orchestrator workflow.