You can use several methods to clone a virtual machine in vRealize Automation. You can use an IaaS machine blueprint to link clone a database node from the generated database node to save the storage cost.

Ensure that you complete the following tasks before you request a database clone.

  • Shut down the database instance by using an appropriate database tool.

  • Ensure that you configured the database node before you clone the database.

  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a tenant administrator or business group manager.

Table 1. Requesting a Golden Database Clone Checklist



Check Box Edit the existing Data Management entitlement.

Add the Power Off (Machine) and Power On (Machine) to Entitled Actions.

Check Box Select the machine, click Item Details, and click Power Off under Actions.

Wait for the machine status to turn off.

Check Box Create a new snapshot.

For more information, see Managing Virtual Machines in Tenant Administration.

Check Box Create and publish a new machine blueprint.

For more information, see IaaS Configuration for Virtual Platforms.

Check Box Create a new service, golden database in Catalog Management.

For more information, see Managing the Service Catalog in Tenant Administration.

Check Box Update the published machine blueprint in the Catalog Items list and set the service to golden database.

Check Box Add a new Entitlement and set the name to golden database.

This action adds the following items.

  • Golden database in Entitled Services

  • Published machine blueprint in Entitled Catalog Items

  • The granted users or groups to Users and Groups

Check Box Request a clone from the published machine blueprint in the golden database and grant the appropriate user and groups to access the published machine blueprint.

On the New Request page, set the CPU and memory details. Click Submit.

Check Box In Request Details, find the clone machine name from Service Catalog.

Check Box Use an appropriate database tool to start the clone database instance.