This section lists vRealize Automation custom properties that begin with the letter A.

Table 1. Custom Properties A Table




Specifies the cost center value that is included in a notification email sent to approvers. This property value must be specified in the blueprint.


Set to = dedicated to specify that the AWS connection be specific to a dedicated tenant. This property is valid for use with VPC subnets.


Specifies the Amazon configuration service URL for Amazon GovCloud, for example amazon.AmazonEC2Config.ServiceURL=


Specifies the Amazon load balancer configuration service URL for Amazon GovCloud, for example amazon.ElasticLoadBalancingConfig.ServiceURL=


Assigns machines that are provisioned by a blueprint to the elastic load balancers that match the specified values. This property is valid for vSphere, Amazon, and Hyper-V configurations.


Specifies the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) instance profile Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) when requesting an AWS instance. When you add this property, for example amazon.IAMInstanceProfile.ARN = IAM Instance Profile ARN(s) value, to a blueprint and then request provisioning from the catalog, the provisioned Amazon virtual machine or instance contains the specified IAM role.


Specifies the Amazon instance ID of a machine provisioned on an Amazon EC2 endpoint. This property is valid for vSphere and Amazon configurations.


Used specifically in combination with the procedure described in vRealize Automation KB 2132084 to address the issue of a multi-machine blueprint provisioning process being only partially successful when in fact all the components are correctly provisioned and deployments are accessible from the Items and Managed Machines tabs.

For vRealize Automation 6.2.5, you only need to add the AppService.SyncMachines.MachineProvisioned custom property to your blueprint to avoid this issue.

For details, see the VMware Knowledge Base article Multi-Machine Blueprint Reported as Partially Succeeded But All the Components Provisioned Correctly (2132084) at for more information.