You can use custom properties that you define on a vRealize Automation blueprint when you define an application blueprint in Application Services.

Using vRealize Automation you can add custom properties to blueprints either individually or in a build profile. A build profile is a named collection of a group of custom properties. If you enable the Prompt User option for a custom property, the user is required to enter a value for the property when they use that blueprint to request machine provisioning.

Custom properties that have been made available to a specific business group are also available to members of that group as they create and edit blueprints.

You can use the custom properties on vRealize Automation blueprints to define applications in Application Services and publish them to the vRealize Automation catalog.

You can also use the vRealize Automation Property Dictionary when defining custom properties that use the Prompt User option. The following dictionary control types are supported for use with catalog items that are published from Application Services:

  • DropDownList

  • CheckBox

For related information about using custom properties in conjunction with Application Services, see Using Application Services in vRealize Automation documentation.