You can use the ValueExpression attribute to add an XML string to map the values of a parent property and a child property in a property relationship.

About this task

A ValueExpression attribute is available for the DropDown and DropDownList property value control types. For more information about property relationships, see Example of Creating a Relationship Between Two Properties and Adding Them to a Blueprint.


Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a fabric administrator.


  1. Select Infrastructure > Blueprints > Property Dictionary.
  2. Click Edit in the Property Attributes column of the property row.
  3. Click New Property Attribute.
  4. Select ValueExpression from the Type drop-down menu.
  5. Enter an attribute name in the Name text box.

    This name is not visible in the user interface.

  6. Enter the values that you want to use in the Value text box, for example an XML value expression or snippet that you formatted as a single line string with no line breaks.
  7. Click the Save icon (Save).
  8. (Optional) Add additional attributes.
  9. Click OK.