vRealize Automation contains property sets that fabric administrators can use when they create build profiles.

Property sets are groups of related properties that are commonly used together in build profiles and machine blueprints. Instead of adding custom properties to a build profile or a machine blueprint individually, you can add an entire set to a build profile and provide the values.

Many commonly used property sets are included in vRealize Automation.

For example, the WimImagingProperties property set contains custom properties commonly used for WIM-based provisioning:

  • Image.ISO.Location

  • Image.ISO.Name

  • Image.Network.Password

  • Image.Network.User

  • Image.WIM.Index

  • Image.WIM.Name

  • Image.WIM.Path

As another example, the vApp property set contains the following custom properties that can be used for vApp provisioning:

  • VirtualMachine.NetworkN.Name

  • VCloud.Template.MakeIdenticalCopy

  • VMware.SCSI.Type

  • Sysprep.Identification.DomainAdmin

  • Sysprep.Identification.DomainAdminPassword

  • Sysprep.Identification.JoinDomain

Fabric administrators can create their own property sets and add them to vRealize Automation.