If you choose not to use the vRealize Automation PEBuilder to create you WinPE, you must install PEBuilder to manually copy the guest agent files to your WinPE image.

About this task

PEBuilder has a 32 bit guest agent. If you need to run commands specific to 64 bit, install PEBuilder and then get the 64 bit files from the GugentZipx64.zip file.


  • Select a Windows system from which the staging area you prepared is accessible and on which .NET 4.5 and Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows 7 (including WinPE 3.0) are installed.

  • Create a WinPE.


  1. Navigate to the vCloud Automation Center Appliance management console installation page.

    For example: https://vcac-hostname.domain.name:5480/installer/.

  2. Download the PEBuilder.
  3. (Optional) Download the Windows 64-bit guest agent package if you want to include the Windows 64-bit guest agent in your WinPE instead of the Windows 32-bit guest agent.
  4. Execute vCAC-WinPEBuilder-Setup.exe.
  5. Deselect both Plugins and PEBuilder.
  6. Expand Plugins and select VRMAgent.
  7. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  8. (Optional) After installation is complete, replace the Windows 32-bit guest agent files located in \PE Builder\Plugins\VRM Agent\VRMGuestAgent with the 64-bit files to include the 64-bit agent in your WinPE.
  9. Copy the contents of %SystemDrive%\Program Files (x86)\VMware\PE Builder\Plugins\VRM Agent\VRMGuestAgent to a new location within your WinPE Image.

    For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\PE Builder\Plugins\VRM Agent\VRMGuestAgent.