Configure the key pairs, security groups, and networks available to machines provisioned through this reservation.


  1. Click the Resources tab.
  2. Select a method of assigning key pairs to compute instances from the Key pair drop-down menu.



    Not Specified

    Controls key pair behavior at the blueprint level rather than the reservation level.

    Auto-Generated per Business Group

    Every machine provisioned in the same business group has the same key pair, including machines provisioned on other reservations when the machine has the same compute resource and business group. Because key pairs generated this way are associated with a business group, the key pairs are deleted when the business group is deleted.

    Auto-Generated per Machine

    Each machine has a unique key pair. This is the most secure method because no key pairs are shared among machines.

    Specific Key Pair

    Every machine provisioned on this reservation has the same key pair. Browse for a key pair to use for this reservation.

  3. Select one or more security groups that can be assigned to a machine during provisioning from the security groups list.
  4. Click the Network tab.
  5. Configure a network path for machines provisioned by using this reservation.
    1. Select a network path for machines provisioned on this reservation from the Network table.
    2. (Optional) Select a network profile from the Network Profile drop-down menu.

      This option requires additional configuration to configure network profiles.

    You can select more than one network path on a reservation, but only one network is selected when provisioning a machine.


At this point, you can save the reservation by clicking OK. Optionally, you can configure email notifications to send alerts out when resources allocated to this reservation become low.