A multi-machine blueprint request is reported as partially succeeded even though provisioning succeeded fully and deployments are accessible from the Items and Managed Machines tabs in vRealize Automation.


vRealize Automation indicates that a multi-machine blueprint provisioning request was only partially successful when in fact it was fully successful.


The incorrect message is caused by a synchronization issue that has since been resolved by a workaround procedure. The procedure requires an additional custom property. The workaround is fully documented in the VMware Knowledge Base.


  1. Navigate to Knowledge Base article Multi-Machine Blueprint Reported as Partially Succeeded But All the Components Provisioned Correctly (2132084) at http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2132084.
  2. Follow the procedure as documented in the KB.

    For vRealize Automation 6.2.5, you only need to obtain and add the AppService.SyncMachines.MachineProvisioned custom property to your blueprint to avoid this issue. vRealize Automation 6.2.5 users do not need to perform the rest of the procedure documented in the KB article.