The daily cost of a multi-machine service is based on the costs of its component machines and the cost specified in the multi-machine service blueprint.

Table 1. Daily Cost Drivers

Cost Driver

Calculated Cost

Component machine cost

Total cost of all the component machines in the multi-machine service. The factors that contribute to the component machine cost depend on the type of machine. For details about how costs for different machine types are calculated, see the IaaS Configuration for Virtual Platforms, IaaS Configuration for Physical Machines, or IaaS Configuration for Cloud Platforms.

Blueprint cost (multi-machine service)

The value for daily cost specified in the multi-machine blueprint is added to the total cost of the multi-machine service. This value can represent a markup for using the multi-machine service in addition to the costs of the component machines.

Lease cost is calculated as daily cost multiplied by the total number of days in the lease period, if applicable.

Cost-to-date is calculated as daily cost multiplied by the number of days a multi-machine service was provisioned.